Having product Vision

As part of our quick bites series, number 1 actually, we asked Senior PM’s;

Q.“Is there something you now know that you wish you’d known before you started in Product? (e.g. a core skill or attribute)

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A. “How important it is to have a clear vision and communicate it to everyone who’s listen. If a developer working on product can’t answer why they are doing a certain feature – I failed as a PM”

Why Product

I have started getting the results from a survey I’m conducting around getting a Product Job.

The link is here if you work in Product and would like to take part it’s a few simple questions.

I’m hoping the results will give valuable insight into firstly, what to expect when you start a career in Product Management or a related role. I want to highlight the things that people had wished they knew before they started.

Most importantly I want to be able to give very precise interview tips to help people get that role they are going for.

Hello world!

Hello Product people. For those that don’t know me I like to help people get jobs. You can find me on LinkedIn here.

Product is the space I like best. I love the different definitions, methods and career paths that lead people there. I just felt the world needed a site like this.

A site that people can learn from, a site not promoting one voice or opinion, a place where people aspiring to be Product Managers or Marketeers can get help and direction.

If you would like to contribute pls feel free to sign up.