When Recruiting Buzzwords don’t Buzz

recruiting buzzwords

Imagine a cold dark winter morning, the sprint timescales are already slipping and two of the PM’s on the team hand in their notice. Head in hands for a just a moment, and then, a call to the recruitment business partner for product.   

“Just as a well-tuned engine runs efficiently, a well-tuned recruitment partner makes the hiring managers life easier.”

“Who do we have in the pipeline Steph?”

And here is where the fun begins. Steph has been curating talent with a fairly generic profile in mind. All the right things have been done.  Follow-up calls, meet-ups, career advice and in an ideal world some engagement tracking.

However, because a specific person with a very specific skill set is needed to replace someone, a generic profile just won’t cut it. There is just not enough time to train someone. Yes we need recruiting buzzwords, but we need context with them.

Steph needs to go to market and locate someone that can slot in quickly, what does Steph need in addition to the basics of a job description?

A thorough understanding of the product. Try involving the recruiter in some of the meetings and stand-ups. Take time to explain exactly where the sprint is up to.

A conversation with the incumbent PM’s. An understanding of what they are working on from their perspective in addition to why they want to leave. This will help the recruiter frame the role for any potentials. It will also give the candidates some time to prepare the right scenarios to present during interview.

Recruiters are not typically part of your team, they belong in the people, HR or operations domains, however they are far more effective when they understand what is going on and have a taste of the team culture.

Embedding a recruiter into your team takes them beyond buzzword matching. This reduces the time you have to spend with unsuitable people and makes the candidate journey more informed and dare I say enjoyable from the start.