The site was something I felt was needed after spending a long time talking to Product Managers all over the world. I believe that bringing together all those perspectives and journeys would really benefit the profession.

The site is aimed at Product professionals in Management, Design/UX, Marketing, Analytics and to a lesser degree Engineering. The users decide the content however it will be moderated and deleted if irrelevant.

The post are broken into 4 topics;

  1. Genesis articles discussing how or why you got into Product
  2. Perspectives that talk about the way you do Product Management
  3. Showcase or case studies you want to share
  4. Questions you’d like an opinion on

The site is free to use as a forum to canvas opinions, to ask for help about a topic or to showcase your ideas. The jobs section is completely free to use but the jobs do need to be Product related jobs. All job submissions are moderated.

All site images credited to Unsplash.